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Options after Visa Refusal or Cancellation

Visa refusal and Cancellation Options

Our consultancy offers expert guidance on visa cancellation, character requirements, and appeals, ensuring you understand the reasons behind visa cancellations and how to challenge decisions. We address factors such as non-compliance, criminal records, and character assessments, providing comprehensive support throughout the process. With our services, you'll be well-informed and supported every step of the way, with access to legal assistance if needed. Trust us to navigate the complexities of visa issues and protect your immigration status effectively.

Guiding you through every step, we're your partners in success

  1. Check Eligibility:

    • Assess qualifications, occupation, and points eligibility through relevant criteria.

  2. Gather Documents:

    • Compile required documents including identity, qualifications, and employment evidence meticulously.

  3. Lodge Appeal Application:

    • Submit appeal application along with supporting documents promptly to relevant authorities.

  4. Await Review:

    • Await administrative review process by Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) or relevant authorities.

  5. Attend Hearings:

    • Participate in any scheduled hearings or proceedings conducted by the AAT.

  6. Consult Legal Support:

    • Seek guidance and legal advice from experienced migration agents or specialized lawyers.

  7. Consider Further Action:

    • Evaluate options for further appeals or applications based on initial appeal outcome.

  8. Stay Updated:

    • Keep track of progress and any updates regarding appeal status communicated by authorities.

  9. Comply with Rulings:

    • Abide by decisions or rulings made by AAT or relevant authorities regarding appeal case.

  10. Ensure Compliance:

    • Ensure compliance with visa regulations and conditions throughout appeal process and beyond.

What is your situation?

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I am outside Australia

Explore alternative visa pathways like skilled migration for skilled workers with prior visa refusal.


I am in Australia & have got Refusal

Explore alternative visa pathways like skilled migration for skilled workers with prior visa refusal.

List of options after Visa Refusal or Cancellation 

  1. Request Administrative Review:

    • Lodge an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a review of the decision.

  2. Seek Judicial Review:

    • Pursue judicial review in the Federal Circuit Court or Federal Court if procedural fairness issues arise.

  3. Reapply for Visa:

    • Assess eligibility for alternative visa options and reapply through the appropriate channels.

  4. Consider Ministerial Intervention:

    • Explore the possibility of seeking intervention by the Minister for Home Affairs in exceptional circumstances.

  5. Obtain Legal Assistance:

    • Seek guidance from migration agents or legal professionals specializing in immigration law.

  6. Await Further Opportunities:

    • Stay informed about policy changes or new pathways that may emerge in the future.

  7. Depart Australia:

    • Consider departing Australia voluntarily if there are no viable options to remain.

  8. Access Support Services:

    • Utilize support services for migrants, including counseling and community assistance programs.

  9. Comply with Directions:

    • Adhere to any directives provided by immigration authorities regarding departure or compliance.

  10. Explore Humanitarian Options:

    • Explore avenues for humanitarian protection or assistance if applicable to your circumstances.

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