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Enhance your Knowledge while Working

Training Visa

This visa allows you to take part in workplace-based occupational training activities to improve your skills for your job, area of tertiary study, field of expertise or in a professional development training program in Australia.


The Training Subclass 407 Visa facilitates short-term occupational training or professional development in Australia. Valid for 2 years, it enhances skills, meeting registration requirements. Online application, with options for family inclusion.

Guiding you through every step, we're your partners in success

  1. Check Eligibility:

    • Assess eligibility criteria for the Training Visa (Subclass 407).

  2. Prepare Documents:

    • Gather required documents including identification and training details.

  3. Complete Online Application:

    • Fill out the visa application form accurately on the website.

  4. Pay Application Fee:

    • Pay the prescribed visa application fee online.

  5. Submit Application:

    • Lodge the completed application and supporting documents electronically.

  6. Health Examination:

    • Undergo a health examination as required by the Australian authorities.

  7. Character Assessment:

    • Provide police clearance certificates from relevant authorities.

  8. Wait for Processing:

    • Wait for the application to be processed by immigration authorities.

  9. Receive Decision Notification:

    • Receive notification of the visa decision via email or post.

  10. Visa Grant:

    • Upon approval, receive the Training Visa (Subclass 407) to travel.

What is your situation?

Running in Sydney

I am in Australia

I'm in Australia and eager to extend my stay working. The Training Visa may offer the perfect opportunity for further professional development.

Business Owner

I am a business owner

As a business owner, I aim to sponsor training and work opportunities for employees. The Training Visa (Subclass 407) facilitates seamless professional development.

Fundraising Opportunities

I am outside Australia and found a training opportunity

I'm outside Australia and discovered a valuable training opportunity. The Training Visa may offer a pathway to enhance my skills.

List of all Training Visas

  • Training Visa (Subclass 407)

  • Training and Research visa (subclass 402) - Not in effect anymore

  • Vocational Education and Training Sector visa (Subclass 572)- Not in effect anymore

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