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6 mistakes to avoid in your skills assessment application

For a seamless processing of your skills assessment application, ensure all necessary documents are accurately submitted.

At We Access Global Migration, our document checkers share common document errors to assist applicants effectively.

  1. Inadequate personal identification documents: One of the most common errors applicants make is not providing sufficient personal identification documentation. This oversight can significantly delay the processing of your application. It's crucial to review the requirements carefully and ensure you submit all necessary documents as per the guidelines provided by the assessing authority.

  2. Failure to sign the Applicant Declaration Form: Another frequent mistake is neglecting to sign the Applicant Declaration Form. This form is a critical part of your application, and your signature verifies the accuracy and completeness of the information provided. Without a signature, your application may be deemed incomplete and could face delays or even rejection.

  3. Providing low-quality photos: Submitting low-resolution photos, side-profile images, or selfies taken with a mobile phone camera can lead to application rejections. It's essential to provide clear and acceptable photos that meet the specified standards outlined by the assessing authority.

  4. Omitting English translations of qualification and employment documents: If your qualification and employment documents are not in English, it's necessary to provide accurate translations from a registered translation service. Failing to include English translations can result in delays or complications during the assessment process.

  5. Insufficient detail in the Statement of Service: The Statement of Service plays a crucial role in verifying your employment history and responsibilities. Incomplete or vague information, such as missing working hours, employment dates, duties, or salary details, can lead to delays or requests for additional clarification from the assessing authority.

  6. Lack of payment evidence for each employment position held: You must provide at least two examples of payment evidence for each employment position to confirm your paid employment. Failure to provide sufficient payment evidence for each job held can result in delays or may even lead to your application being deemed ineligible.


By avoiding these common mistakes and ensuring your application meets all requirements, you can increase the likelihood of a smooth and successful skills assessment process.

Book a consultation with We Access Global Migration to receive personalized assistance tailored to your needs. We look forward to welcoming you to our office soon!

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